How To Be More Attractive With These Simple Tricks.

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Have you ever wondered how you could be more attractive? Well, so do I.

The attraction isn’t just about looks. Usually, attractive people attract other attractive people, and in the majority of cases, it’s about finding their romantic love partner, but this isn’t always the case.

We are also attracted to work with certain people we like or just as easy as a friendship.

Attractiveness is an essential part of understanding what motivates people.

What can make you more attractive?

According to

“Attraction is about being available and drawing the right people, ideas, and opportunities to you.”

But what does that actually mean? When we feel attracted to people, we want to be around them and get attention from them et cetera. But what if nobody is interested in you, aren’t you attractive enough to them? Let’s find out by diving into key factors in being attractive.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise, funny people get more attention, and I’m not talking about the ‘salty’ ‘jokey’ kind of people but the ones with genuine humor.

According to this study, especially in romantic relationships, women tend to be more attracted to guys who can make them laugh out loud.

“What a sad business, being funny” — Charlie Chaplin

Being Energetic

Us Humans are very quickly bored, let’s avoid that by choosing someone to talk with who is very energetic and boring. We need entertainment, and luckily a lot of people aren’t boring. Especially readers on Medium 😉

There are many cases where people are just afraid to be energetic or be themselves because they don’t want to get all the room’s attention. We aren’t always sharing how we really feel, and this is not what you should do. Just be yourself and be happy.

Body Language

According to, studies have shown that non-verbal expression has 65% to 93% more influence than actual text in communication.

That means that the way you say it is more important than what you say. So when you’re talking with an ‘open’ attitude, you’ll be found more attractive most likely.


Humans are social animals, and we spend the majority of our life communicating with other people.

“This ability to communicate — with almost anyone, about almost anything — has played a central role in our species’ ability to not just survive, but flourish.” — Adrian F. Ward

Like most people, you’ll likely talk about the things you like, and that’s maybe the problem with being unattractive. People like to talk about themselves, so when one person talks about his life and doesn’t ask about the other persons’ life, the two might not get along too well.

But why do people like to talk about themselves for so long and so much? Well, the answer is straightforward: “It Feels Good.” And it’s true when you talk about something you have achieved, you feel like achieving it again!

How to avoid these kinds of conversations, you might wonder. Well, if you’re on a date, ask your date a question that they wouldn’t expect. A rare, unconventional question, and you might get a perfect answer and fall in love afterward, who will tell?

Taking Initiative

Most people are attracted to ‘leaders’ or people who take the initiative. Studies show that people who work in a group with a central leader are more attractive to them than someone from outside that team/group. For example, a CEO of a company feels much more attractive than someone who works in the administration department.

So when you want to be more attractive on a date, take the initiative and don’t doubt your choices because that’s a key thing as well: Confidence.

Of course, beauty and attraction are relative. Not everything thinks the same way about beauty or attraction, and that’s a good thing.

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