The great danger of unlimited power of attorney.

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Giving away freedom is giving away our most important security.

When those in power no longer have to take responsibility for their policies, we speak of a dictatorship. The need for accountability is a limit to their power. Without that limit, power has absolute control, and that is precisely the definition of tyranny.

When this happens, the situation arises when the executive directors or CEOs are free from personal consequences for their decisions. Our history has proven time and again the tremendous dangers of out-of-control power.

It is an ongoing threat that, if not actively contained, will reappear over and over again. This phenomenon has destroyed incomparably more human lives than any other conceivable threat.

Limiting power, and thus its dangers was precisely the motive behind creating the constitutions and the Western constitutional states based on them in the late 18th to the mid-19th century. With the profound distress caused by despotism still fresh in our minds, and the resulting collective indignation, populations were only allowed to be ruled upon provided there was guaranteed protection against the dangers of administrative power.

Guarantees enshrined in unshakable fundamental rights, enshrined in constitutions. In other words, institutional limits to the exercise of power, formed by the administrators’ liability, anchored in the constitution of the state, who are thereby forced to render account according to established rules. And that is up to the population because limitless power is life-threatening.

By setting limits to power, the freedom of a population is also defined. After all, the power of the one consists of the lack of freedom of the rest. Freedom offers the people the opportunity to protect themselves against the dangers of power. Freedom is protection from the dangers of power. In other words: freedom is the most critical security of the population. Freedom is security.

This means that government and population are always at odds with each other. After all, there is a conflict of interest. It is in the interests of a population to ensure its freedoms to protect against excessive power. The importance of power is always to gain more say. It is, therefore, inherently contrary to the interests of the population.

Therefore, those in power will always try to break down the power limits or find a way around them. The first happens at a strategic level, the second at a tactical level. In other words, in the long and short term.

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