What To Know When You’re Dating An Introvert.

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A couple of tips to help you getting started in the introverted world.

It seems to be common: relationships between extroverts and introverts because extremes simply attract. And that can go really well, of course. Still, there are some useful things to know if you hope to get into a relationship with an introverted person. Because not all signals are always what they seem, and above all: you don’t have to adjust too much.

Extroverts might enjoy attending large parties, spending nights with many friends, where introverts like to spend their day with some close friends or their family or even alone.

An extrovert might interpret an introvert’s‘ alone time’ as a sign that they are not into them. And to stop more of these false assumptions, here is what you need to know when you’re dating an introvert.

What Is Introversion?

Introversion is a personality trait. It is the famous psychologist Carl Jung who introduced the term introverted to the world of personality types. He used the term introvert as a counterpart to the term extrovert.

Over time, more and more has become known about what it means to be an introvert or extrovert. Whether you are introverted or outgoing is widely recognized as an important part of your personality. Many personality tests, therefore, test how introverted or how outgoing you are. Think of personality tests such as DISC, MBTI, or Insights Discovery.

Introverts and extroverts differ in many areas. For example, they differ in how they deal with stimuli and how they think, communicate, and make decisions.

Few people know about how it works for introverts. Not even introverts. This is because extroverted behavior is often seen as the norm. As a result, introverts often experience unnecessary tension. They try to live up to the extroverted norm by pushing themselves to respond as ad rem, quickly, and firmly as their extroverted conversation partners.

Insight into how it works with introverts and extroverts makes you understand yourself better and your extroverted conversation partner. You can then more easily respond adequately to extroverted conversation partners without forcing yourself or pretending to be extroverted.

What misunderstandings are there about introversion?

Introversion is, unfairly, often mentioned in the same breath as shyness. Shyness has to do with the fear of being judged or judged. Introversion has to do with external stimulation. Introverts are not necessarily shy. Also, the fact that introverts are not social is not true. Introverts are fine with social situations, as long as they can engage in in-depth conversation.

One of these misconceptions is that introverts don’t like to talk. Introverts are often good talkers. Only the cows and calves are not for them. Introverts also need some time to respond.

It’s not that an introvert is more sensitive than an extrovert or that an extrovert is blunter than an introvert. This has to do with other personality traits. People are much more complex than that.


When you get into a relationship with someone introverted, you can prepare for conversations about all kinds of topics. They won’t really show their communication skills at first. Still, as you get to know them better, you’ll see that you can have excellent conversations with introverts.

Sometimes conversations with someone introverted can be difficult at first, but be patient. They need a little time to get comfortable. Often introverts do not have the best relationship history because people often walk over them. But show that you do find him or her interesting and fun and you will see that they will change into a nice and warm personality in no time.

Feelings And Emotions.

Introverts get energy from being alone, so respect their limits. If they don’t feel like going to the pub, let them. Sometimes the world is moving very fast, and sometimes someone introverted cannot keep up. By being alone, they can recharge themselves. Allow them this too. And don’t blame them for needing time to themselves.

As I just said, introverts have often burned their hands in the past. They are very sensitive to energy and feelings and quickly feel over-stimulated. That is why they sometimes withdraw themselves. Otherwise, they feel too vulnerable. Tell them that you are always there for them and let them know they can talk to you when ready.

If you want to be in a relationship with an introverted person, it is good to know that most introverts don’t like crowds and loud places. They would rather stay on the couch with you with a good movie and tasty snacks than having to hold their own at a busy concert.

Remember, introverts just need balance in life. Rest after a period of busyness, silence after a period of noise, and calm after chaos. Offer them this balance, and you will see that you have a great partner.



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