The 8 Best Fitness App Designs To Motivate You To Workout.

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A Beautiful collection of fitness/health apps to keep you motivated.

Sports and working out can help us clear our mind in difficult or stressful times, like in this pandemic. A healthy body means a healthy mind, and since everybody is keeping distance and working out on their own, good looking tracking apps are a must-have.

In this article, I’ll let you discover 8 of the most beautiful workout/fitness apps.

Health & Workout App UI Design — Budiarti Ar-Rohman

This good looking dark theme app helps you keep track of your daily activities.

Kenga // Mobile App — blacklead studio

With this all-round health app with a light theme, you can keep track of basically everything you need, from exercise to food, and to top it off, it has a great looking design.

Smartass | IOS App Design — Bogdan Nikitin

A workout app with a lot of images and popping fonts.

Onyx a personal trainer in your pocket — Diana Woch

A very clean looking app design that helps you do the best exercises to stay in shape.

Fitness App — Alexandr Ivchenko

A very energetically looking app, that helps you stay motivated to lose weight or to gain condition.

Fitness Activity App — Cajon

This app is a little different, it looks more like a funky banking app to me, but I’d use it because it’s looking so clean and colorful.

Yoga Fitness App — Shakibul Islam

A soft, light app design to be able to let you train everything, you can cycle but even do yoga. And all that wrapped in a fantastic design.

Fitness App Exploration Plan Set — Zaini Achmad

Getting good workout recommendations is very important if you want to stay or get in shape. With Fitness App Exploration you can workout on different levels in a very good-looking app.

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