Top 8 Amazing Spotify Redesigns To Get 2021 Started.

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A beautiful collection of redesigns, so grab a coffee and enjoy.

2021 is already a month old, and much has happened, right? Well, what’s a better way to relax than listening to some good music.

Everybody uses Spotify these days, and it has undergone a couple of redesigns over the years. Still, I want to take a look at the 8 of the best Spotify redesigns on the internet and especially on

Music Streaming Desktop app — Sajjad Mohammadi Nia

An immaculate looking Spotify design concept for desktop.

Lyrics Exploration — Paolo Spazzini

As you can see in this mobile design, every song gets a personal design with immaculate colors and fonts.

Music Player UI Mobile App — Natan Jabłoński

This concept design switches from a dark theme to a light theme, which can be controversial since Spotify hasn’t had such a feature yet, but maybe in the future, an option to switch between dark and light mode?

Music Player — Ishtiaq Khan Parag

This is a very soft and rounded Spotify redesign for desktop. It uses very soft and light colors.

Music App Mobile Design — Loïck Legallais

This design contains three very minimalist screens that don’t contain more information than needed.

Music Player — Martin Mroč

Back to the dark themes! It’s an immaculate and simple design, but yet I really love the color scheme.

Apple OS Music Player — Aurélien Salomon

Purple! I love purple, and so do I love this design for the Apple Spotify App for desktop.

Spotify for Big Sur — Alexey Sekachov

The last design I’m going to cover doesn’t differ much from the original Spotify design, which I really like, with the round edges and the left sidebar icons.

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