A Breakdown Of My Medium Earnings Of The Past 6 Months.

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Nope, It won't make you a millionaire.

Let me tell you something, if you’re writing for the money, please quit. I’ve been writing on Medium for six months now, and it hasn’t been a jackpot yet.

My statistics tell me that I do not have much progress, but I feel differently. I have been trying to get into several publications, and some went well, some didn’t. For example, I’ve published in Better Programming, The Startup, An Injustice, and I’ve become an Editor of Lessons From History, which has around 15K followers right now.

With this breakdown of my earnings, I hope to give you a good view of how my experiences are. It’s not only about the numbers, so I’ll be giving you a bit more insights about the earnings.

August 2020 — Beginning To Understand Medium.

If you’re a writer, you know what I mean when I tell you that starting is the worst. You don’t understand how the platform works and your mud around. I wrote my first Medium article in December 2019, but I didn’t even know you could earn off of Medium.

But in August 2020, I discovered the medium partner program and wrote some tech articles about HTML, CSS & JavaScript. I first self-published them, but I got contacted by The Startup to publish with them, so that’s pretty much how I got started getting an audience.

Image By Author: Bryan Dijkhuizen

As you can see, my views went ‘through the roof’ after I published with The Startup. In total, I earned $30.11, which was okay. At that moment, it was the most I’ve ever earned off of online content creation, so I was really excited.

September 2020 — Making Real Money.

Image By Author: Bryan Dijkhuizen

This month was really awesome, and I thought: “Let’s make some money this month” after those $30 of last month, and it started okay, and my views started to shrink again, but I kept earning some decent money every day, so I wasn’t complaining. But still, I wanted to peak again, so that’s when I wrote my article about The Go Programming language, which got picked up by gitconnected’s Level Up Coding, and that one did really well.

I first reached over 10.000 views in a month and earned $145.85 that month, so I entered the $100+ club, which really excited me to go on with writing, which I did.

October 2020 — My Best Month So Far.

Let’s get straight into it, and this was my best month so far. I got accepted into Towards Data Science, which earned me a lot of money and views and reads and all that.

Image By Author: Bryan Dijkhuizen

In October, I had a total of 55.007 views and earned $411.93, which exceeded all my expectations.

November 2020 — The Month To Forget.

This month was something else. I reached 600 followers, I earned around $200 that month, and my account got suspended for some reason. I didn’t get paid those $200, and I lost access to my account.

Okay, sure, that sucks. I quit medium for a couple of days to cry and process my loss and write on a brand new account.

Image By Author: Bryan Dijkhuizen

But in total, I still earned around 19.000 views and $81 on my second account.

December 2020 — A New Start.

December, magical holiday month. I got a present by being accepted into Better Programming again after my account was suspended. Which really gave me confidence. I wrote a couple of Programming articles that were published:

Image By Author: Bryan Dijkhuizen

In total, as you can see, I got around 17K views and earned a total of $307.31, which is actually (I realize that now) my second best month yet.

January 2021 — Still Going.

As you might know, January is still going, and anything could happen, but until I’m writing this, I’ve earned $242.33, which is definitely not my best month but acceptable.

Image By Author: Bryan Dijkhuizen

The peak you see in the stats is an article that I self-published and got picked up by the editor of Better Programming, Anupam Chugh, who asked me to publish it with Better Programming, which you can read here:

8 Popular Programming Languages To Land You a Job in 2021 ($17.59)

Bottom Line.

To conclude my first six months writing on Medium, I’ve earned $1218.78 in total. I really like that I’ve been able to earn over $1000 in half a year. Yes, of course, I’d like to have earned more, but I’m not going to complain. I’m still learning, and I love to learn more about your experiences with the medium, so tag me or hit me up on Twitter or Instagram.



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